Apeiron $APRS Token: A New Dawn on Ronin

Apeiron $APRS Token: A New Dawn on Ronin

Play To Earn Games | 08 May 2024 15:05 UTC

Like the first time I stumbled upon the joy of gaming, discovering Apeiron was a revelation. There's something magical about exploring digital worlds, isn't there? The same excitement courses through the veins of the gaming community as we stand on the brink of Apeiron's $APRS token launch on Ronin. This isn't just a game; it's a journey into the future of play-and-earn, where each of us holds the power to shape destinies within Apeiron's universe.

What is Apeiron?

A Leap into the Cosmos

Apeiron, the first Web3 god game x Roguelite, has captivated my imagination like the classics of the early 2000s did. Remember those? But Apeiron is more; it's a blend of strategy, nostalgia, and cutting-edge blockchain technology. Here, you're not just playing; you're creating, battling, and ruling in a dynamic, evolving universe.

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The Heartbeat of Apeiron: $APRS Token

With the introduction of the $APRS token, Apeiron isn't just a game; it's an ecosystem. This token is a beacon for gamers and investors alike, signaling a new era of engagement and ownership. Let's unpack the significance of this moment.

The $APRS Token Launch: A New Era on Ronin

The Launchpad Experience

Imagine standing at the threshold of a new world. That's what the $APRS token launch on Ronin feels like. From March 12th to March 15th, the gaming community will come together to participate in a landmark event. And it's not just about buying a token; it's about being part of Apeiron's growth, its universe, and its future.

Why Ronin?

Choosing Ronin as the launchpad isn't by chance. It's a testament to the blockchain's reliability, security, and community-focused ethos. My journey into blockchain gaming began with Axie Infinity, and seeing Ronin evolve into a hub for innovative projects like Apeiron fills me with hope.

Understanding $APRS: More Than Just a Token

Governance and Growth

The $APRS token is your ticket to the governance of Apeiron's universe. It's a voice in a growing community where decisions aren't just made for you; they're made by you. This token embodies the spirit of Web3 gaming, where players shape the game's destiny.

The Path of $APRS

The journey of $APRS is meticulously planned, from its sale on Ronin to the vesting and unlock requirements. It's designed to foster a sustainable ecosystem, a testament to Apeiron's commitment to its community and its future.

$APRS: How to Participate: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready Your Ronin Wallet

Participation begins with preparation. Ensuring your Ronin wallet is set up and understanding how to deposit assets are your first steps into Apeiron's universe. Remember, it's not just about being ready; it's about being informed.

The Sale Process

The sale isn't just a transaction; it's a moment of unity for the community. From Apeiron NFT holders to the broader Ronin community, each participant plays a role in this ecosystem's growth. The structure of the sale, with its community rounds and detailed vesting schedules, ensures a fair and exciting opportunity for all.

Final Thoughts: Beyond the Launch

The Future is Bright

As Apeiron's $APRS token makes its debut on Ronin, we're not just witnessing a sale; we're becoming part of a movement. A movement that celebrates innovation, community, and the endless possibilities of Web3 gaming.

A Personal Reflection

As I reflect on my gaming journey, from the cartridges of my youth to the blockchain games of today, I'm reminded of the power of community. Apeiron's $APRS token launch isn't just a milestone for the game; it's a testament to what we can achieve together.

Join me as we step into Apeiron's universe, where every token is a promise of adventure, every battle a chance to create legends, and every decision shapes the cosmos. This is more than a game; it's our game.

Apeiron's $APRS Token Launch - Financials

The financial details surrounding the launch of Apeiron's $APRS token on the Ronin blockchain are pivotal for potential investors and participants to understand. This section outlines the key financial aspects of the $APRS token, providing clarity on pricing, supply, valuation, and the structure of the sale.

Token Pricing and Supply:

  • Price per $APRS Token: Set at $0.11 USDC, making it accessible for a broad range of investors.
  • Total Supply: Capped at 1 billion $APRS tokens, a fixed supply that ensures scarcity and potential value appreciation.

Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV):

  • Valuation: The FDV of $APRS tokens at launch is $110 million USD, calculated by multiplying the total supply by the price per token. This valuation provides insight into the market's perception of the project's worth.

Sale Structure:

  • The $APRS token sale is divided into two primary rounds: the Apeiron Community Round and the Ronin Community Round, each targeting different segments of the community to ensure equitable access.
  • Apeiron Community Round: Offers Apeiron NFT holders the opportunity to purchase a total of 15 million $APRS tokens. This round is further split into the OMEGA and Primeval rounds, catering to different categories of NFT holders.
  • Ronin Community Round: Scheduled for March 15th, allowing the broader Ronin community to purchase up to 4 million $APRS tokens. This includes both a Standard Sale and an Unlimited Sale, with allocations based on the amount of wRON staked.

Vesting Schedule:

  • Initial Unlock: 20% of the purchased $APRS tokens are unlocked at the Token Generation Event (TGE).
  • Cliff Period: There's a 2-month cliff following the TGE, during which no additional tokens are released.
  • Vesting Period: After the cliff, the remaining 80% of tokens are vested block by block over 18 months, ensuring long-term commitment from investors.

Token Utility:

  • The $APRS token enables various utilities within the Apeiron ecosystem, including creating Planet NFTs, Relic NFTs, staking for rewards, and participation in gacha mechanics. This multifaceted utility underlines the token's intrinsic value beyond mere speculation.

Market Listing and Unlocking:

  • 100% of the $APRS tokens will remain locked until the token is listed on a recognized exchange, such as the Katana DEX. This measure ensures market stability and prevents early dumping of the tokens.

Understanding these financials is crucial for anyone looking to participate in the $APRS token launch. It provides a solid foundation for making informed decisions based on the project's potential for growth, utility, and return on investment.

Apeiron's $APRS Token - Guide and Facts

Apeiron introduces its ecosystem token, $APRS, marking a significant step in the game's evolution on the Ronin blockchain. Here are the essential facts and a comprehensive guide to understanding and participating in the $APRS token launch:

  1. Token Launch on Ronin: Apeiron's $APRS token sale is scheduled between March 12th and March 15th, exclusively on Ronin. This event represents a pivotal moment for the Apeiron community and Ronin network, offering an early engagement opportunity through the purchase of the ecosystem token.
  2. Price and Sale Process: The $APRS token is priced at $0.11 USDC per token. The sale will occur through Impossible Finance on the Ronin Launchpad. Interested participants are advised to prepare by depositing assets into their Ronin wallet ahead of the sale dates.
  3. Vesting and Unlock Requirements: The $APRS token incorporates specific vesting and unlock requirements to promote a sustainable ecosystem. Detailed information on these requirements is available in the official Apeiron Whitepaper, which outlines investors' token allocations and vesting schedules.
  4. Total Supply and Utility: The total supply of $APRS tokens is capped at 1 billion. The token's utility includes participating in governance, creating Planet NFTs, creating Relic NFTs, staking, and engaging in gacha mechanics. These utilities are designed to enhance players' experience and engagement within the Apeiron ecosystem.
  5. Community Rounds: The token sale includes separate rounds for Apeiron and Ronin community members. The Apeiron Community Round, from March 12th-15th, allows Apeiron NFT holders to purchase up to 15M $APRS. The Ronin Community Round, on March 15th, offers the Ronin community a chance to buy 4M $APRS. This structured approach ensures fair access to different segments of the community.
  6. KYC Requirements: Participants must meet KYC requirements to purchase $APRS tokens using USDC on Ronin. This process is essential for compliance and security, ensuring a transparent and fair sale.
  7. Claiming $APRS Tokens: Purchased $APRS tokens can be claimed through Apeiron's official token vesting portal, with the specific claim period announced at a later date. This step is critical for investors to secure their tokens according to the vesting and unlock schedules.
  8. Future Listings: All $APRS tokens will remain locked until the token is listed on either the Katana DEX or another exchange. This measure is in place to manage the token's introduction to the market carefully and to support its long-term value.
  9. Apeiron's Growth and Development: The $APRS token launch is part of Apeiron's broader strategy to fuel the growth and development of its ecosystem. The game has seen a steady increase in user growth and engagement since migrating to Ronin, with significant updates such as the PvP Open Beta and the upcoming season 3 release.
  10. StakeWeight Allocation Model: During the Ronin Community Round, Impossible Finance uses the StakeWeight Allocation Model to determine token allocation. This model considers the amount of wRON staked and the duration of staking, ensuring a fair distribution of $APRS tokens among participants.

By understanding these key facts and following the guide, participants can navigate the $APRS token sale effectively, contributing to Apeiron's journey as the first Web3 god game x roguelite on the Ronin blockchain.

Apeiron's $APRS Token: A New Dawn on Ronin
Apeiron's $APRS Token: A New Dawn on Ronin

Apeiron's $APRS Token: A New Dawn on Ronin - Glossary of Terms

This glossary provides definitions and explanations for terms related to the Apeiron game and its $APRS token launch on the Ronin blockchain. It aims to enhance understanding for both newcomers and seasoned participants in the Apeiron ecosystem.


  • Apeiron: A card-battling Roguelite x God Game hybrid where players battle through a grid-based dungeon with their Apostles, grow their own planets, and collect NFTs.
  • $APRS Token: The ecosystem token of Apeiron, used for governance, creating Planet and Relic NFTs, staking, and participating in gacha mechanics.
  • Apostles: Characters within Apeiron that players can use to battle through dungeons and compete against other gods.


  • Blockchain: A decentralized digital ledger that records transactions across many computers in a way that prevents alteration, underpinning the technology behind Apeiron.


  • Community Round: A phase of the $APRS token sale specifically designed for Apeiron and Ronin community members to purchase tokens before the general public.
  • Claim Period: The designated timeframe when participants can claim their purchased $APRS tokens on Apeiron's official vesting portal.


  • DEX (Decentralized Exchange): A type of cryptocurrency exchange that operates without a central authority, where the $APRS token may be listed for trading.


  • Ecosystem Token: A type of cryptocurrency that provides utility within a specific ecosystem, such as governance or access to special features; in this case, $APRS serves this role within Apeiron.


  • Foonie Magus: The developer of Apeiron, responsible for creating the game and issuing the $APRS token.


  • Gacha: A game mechanic that involves randomized item pulls, which $APRS tokens can be used for within Apeiron.
  • Governance: The process by which $APRS token holders can participate in decision-making and influence the direction of the Apeiron ecosystem.


  • Impossible Finance: The platform powering the Ronin Launchpad, used for the $APRS token sale.


  • KYC (Know Your Customer): A process of verifying the identity of clients, mandatory for participants in the $APRS token sale to prevent fraud and comply with financial regulations.


  • Listing: The process of making a cryptocurrency available for trading on an exchange. The $APRS token will be locked until it is listed on either Katana DEX or another exchange.


  • Mavis Market: A platform where Ronin wallet users can swap RON for wRON, necessary for participating in the Ronin Community Round of the $APRS token sale.


  • NFT (Non-Fungible Token): A type of digital asset that represents ownership of a unique item or piece of content, such as the collectibles and Planet NFTs in Apeiron.


  • OMEGA Round: A specific segment of the Apeiron Community Round designed for a subset of NFT holders with early or exclusive access to $APRS token purchases.


  • Primeval Round: Another segment of the Apeiron Community Round, targeting a different group of NFT holders than the OMEGA Round.
  • PvP (Player vs. Player): A mode within Apeiron where players can compete against each other in battles.


  • Ronin: A blockchain network optimized for NFTs and gaming, chosen as the platform for the $APRS token sale.
  • Ronin Wallet: A digital wallet used for interacting with the Ronin blockchain, necessary for participating in the $APRS token sale.


  • StakeWeight Allocation Model: A method used by Impossible Finance to determine the allocation of $APRS tokens during the Ronin Community Round based on the amount and duration of wRON staked.
  • Staking: The process of locking up cryptocurrency tokens to receive rewards or earn interest, used in the context of the Ronin Community Round for $APRS token allocation.


  • TGE (Token Generation Event): The initial creation and distribution of a cryptocurrency token, in this case, the $APRS token.
  • Total Supply: The maximum number of tokens that will ever be created for a particular cryptocurrency, set at 1 billion for $APRS.


  • Unlock Requirements: Conditions that must be met before purchased $APRS tokens become accessible, such as the passage of time or the token's listing on an exchange.


  • Vesting: A process where token allocation is gradually released to investors or participants over time, used to ensure long-term commitment and support for the project.


  • wRON: Wrapped RON, a tokenized version of the RON currency used on the Ronin blockchain, necessary for staking during the Ronin Community Round.

This glossary should serve as a valuable resource for navigating the complexities of Apeiron's ecosystem and the $APRS token launch on Ronin.

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