Axie Infinity: Season 7 Postseason and the Road to Season 8

Axie Infinity: Season 7 Postseason and the Road to Season 8

Play To Earn Games | 08 May 2024 15:05 UTC

Greetings, fellow gamers and passionate Lunacians! As we stand on the brink of another thrilling conclusion and the dawn of new beginnings in the world of Axie Infinity: Origins, there's a palpable excitement in the air. It's a time of reflection, anticipation, and strategic planning. But more than that, it's a celebration of community, skill, and the undying spirit of competition that binds us all.

The Close of a Chapter: Season 7 Highlights

Season 7 of Axie Infinity: Origins has been nothing short of a rollercoaster—a journey filled with fierce battles, strategic masterstrokes, and heartwarming camaraderie. As we gear up to crown the Season 7 Champion, it's a moment to congratulate not just the elite few but each one of you who stepped into the arena with courage and determination.

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Elite 8: A Battle of Titans

This Sunday, the air will crackle with anticipation as the Elite 8 contenders lock horns, vying for the coveted Season 7 crown. With a prize pool of 1,200 AXS at stake, it's not just about the winnings; it's about etching their names in the annals of Axie history. A special shout-out to Enrico for climbing to the top spot, and to YGG for their impressive representation in the Elite 8. Your dedication and skill are truly inspiring.

The Road Ahead: Offseason Adventures

As we bid adieu to Season 7, the journey is far from over. The upcoming Offseason is split into two exciting phases: the Season 7 Postseason and the Season 8 Preseason. Each phase is packed with opportunities, challenges, and surprises that promise to elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

Season 7 Postseason: A Prelude to Greatness

The Postseason is more than just an interlude; it's a stage for intense competition and strategic refinement. The Elite 8 Tournament is just the beginning. As we finalize the balancing patch details for Season 8, your feedback and experiences will be invaluable in shaping a fairer, more exhilarating battlefield.

Season 8 Preseason: A Glimpse into the Future

In the spirit of constant improvement and community engagement, we're thrilled to announce that Season 8 Runes and Charms will be available for FREE in the Origins shop before the season officially kicks off. This gesture is our way of saying thank you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. Moreover, the S8 Pre Season Cup tournament, with a prize pool of 2,000 AXS, is on the horizon. Mark your calendars for March 27th and stay tuned for more details.

The Rewarding Journey: Season 7 Collectible Ticket Reward Distribution

In recognition of your dedication and achievements, we're excited to share the details of the S7 Collectible Box rewards distribution. With a total reward pool of 7,000 AXS, the value of your hard-earned Collectible Tickets will be converted to mAXS, enriching your gaming journey and rewarding your efforts.

Reflections and Anticipations

As we navigate through these thrilling times, I'm reminded of my own gaming journey—of late nights, strategic gambles, and the joy of shared victories. Axie Infinity: Origins is more than a game; it's a community of dreamers, fighters, and believers. The coming weeks are not just about competitions and rewards; they're about coming together, pushing boundaries, and realizing our collective potential.

A Year of Promise

With DAU surging, the Homeland AXP integration, and the introduction of Axie Classic Guilds, we're on the cusp of a transformative year for Lunacia. These updates are just the beginning of a series of innovations designed to enhance your gaming experience and deepen our community ties.

Final Thoughts

As we embark on this exciting journey together, let's celebrate every battle, every strategy, and every moment of camaraderie. The Origins Season 7 Postseason and the upcoming Season 8 herald a time of unparalleled excitement and opportunity. Here's to pushing the boundaries of what's possible and crafting stories of triumph that will inspire generations of Lunacians to come.

To every gamer, strategist, and dreamer out there, your passion is the heartbeat of Lunacia. Let's embrace the challenges ahead with open hearts and sharp minds, for together, there's no limit to what we can achieve. The battlefield awaits, and glory beckons. See you in the arena!

Axie Origins Season 7 Postseason Begins - Facts and Guide

As we delve into the heart of the Axie Infinity: Origins Season 7 Postseason, let’s outline the key facts and provide a comprehensive guide for players, enthusiasts, and spectators. This section is dedicated to distilling the essential information from the whirlwind of activities, updates, and tournaments that define this transitional phase in the Axie Infinity universe.

Key Highlights of Season 7

  • The Season 7 Postseason has officially commenced, marking a period of intense competition and preparation for the upcoming Season 8.
  • A total of 4,000 AXS is allocated as prizes for the collectible leaderboard during the Season 7 Postseason and Season 8 Preseason.
  • The Elite 8 Tournament is a centerpiece event, with the top 8 players from Season 7 battling for supremacy and a share of a 1,200 AXS prize pool.

Upcoming Offseason Plans

  • The Offseason is split into two parts: the Season 7 Postseason and the Season 8 Preseason, each with its own set of activities and opportunities for players.
  • Season 8 balancing changes are being finalized, with details to be released soon, aiming to enhance gameplay fairness and strategic depth.
  • Free access to Season 8 Runes and Charms will be provided in the Origins shop before the season starts, offering players the chance to test and adapt to the new balancing changes.
  • The S8 Pre Season Cup tournament is scheduled for March 27th, featuring a 2,000 AXS prize pool, although this date is tentative and subject to confirmation.

Tournament Format and Restrictions

  • Conquest Rules dictate that players must register three teams, each consisting of exactly three axies, with significant differentiation among the teams to ensure diversity in gameplay.
  • Special Restrictions have been placed on the Mystic Rune [Healing Pulse] due to its impact on the current meta, limiting its reuse after a win within the same match.
  • Double Elimination format ensures that all participants have a fair shot at progressing, with a "twice-to-beat" advantage for the finalist without any match losses.

Season 7 Collectible Ticket Reward Distribution

  • A total of 7,000 AXS forms the reward pool for Season 7 Collectible Box rewards, with distribution based on the number of Collectible Tickets each player holds.
  • The total number of Collectible Tickets issued was 10,729,773, with each ticket valued at 0.65239 mAXS, which will be converted and distributed alongside seasonal rewards.

Final Thoughts on the Season and Future Prospects

  • The Season 7 Postseason and the forthcoming Season 8 Preseason embody a period of reflection, strategic adjustment, and anticipation for the future of Axie Infinity: Origins.
  • This transitional phase is not only about competition; it’s also a time for the community to come together, share insights, and prepare for the challenges and opportunities of Season 8.

Engaging with the Community

  • Participants and fans are encouraged to join the Axie Tournament Discord server for real-time updates, discussions, and further details on the ongoing and upcoming events.

This guide serves as a concise compendium of the essential facts surrounding the Axie Origins Season 7 Postseason. Whether you’re a seasoned player, a newcomer to the Axie Infinity universe, or an intrigued observer, this moment in the game’s lifecycle offers exciting opportunities for engagement, growth, and competition. Let’s embrace the spirit of camaraderie and strategic gameplay as we look forward to the developments that lie ahead.

Axie Infinity: Season 7 Postseason and the Road to Season 8
Axie Infinity: Season 7 Postseason and the Road to Season 8

Glossary of Terms: Axie Infinity - Season 7 Postseason and the Road to Season 8


  • AXS (Axie Infinity Shard): The governance token for Axie Infinity, used for staking, governance, and in-game rewards.
  • Axies: Digital pets that players can collect, raise, breed, and use in battles within the Axie Infinity universe.


  • Battle: A competitive fight between players’ Axies, with the objective of defeating the opponent’s team.


  • Charms: Items that can be equipped to Axies to enhance their abilities or provide other benefits in battle.
  • Collectible Chest: A reward container that may include various in-game items such as tickets or AXS.
  • Collectible Tickets: Tokens awarded from Collectible Chests, used to redeem rewards.


  • DAU (Daily Active Users): A metric indicating the number of unique users who interact with the game on a daily basis.
  • Double Elimination: A tournament format where players have to lose twice before being eliminated.


  • Elite 8: The top 8 players in the Origins Season 7 Final Era, competing for the season crown.
  • Era: A specific period within an Axie Infinity season, marking significant events or milestones.


  • Finals: The concluding matches of a tournament, determining the season's champion.


  • Guilds: Groups of players who join forces for mutual benefit, competition, and community building within Axie Infinity.


  • Homeland AXP Integration: The incorporation of AXP (Axie experience points) into the Homeland feature, enhancing gameplay and evolution options.


  • Lunacia: The virtual world of Axie Infinity where players explore, battle, and interact.
  • Lunacians: Members of the Axie Infinity community, including players and fans.


  • mAXS: A smaller denomination of the AXS token, used for micro-transactions and rewards within the game.


  • Origins: A specific version or update within Axie Infinity, introducing new gameplay features and mechanics.


  • Preseason: The period before the official start of a new season, often used for testing changes and preparing for upcoming competitions.
  • Preseason Cup Tournament: A competitive event held during the preseason, with its own prize pool and set of rules.


  • Rewards: In-game items or tokens given to players for their achievements, participation, or victories.
  • Runes: Items that can be attached to Axies to modify their stats or abilities, impacting their performance in battles.


  • Season: A defined period in Axie Infinity during which players compete in battles to achieve rankings and earn rewards.
  • Seeding: The process of arranging players or teams in a tournament based on their rankings or performance metrics.


  • Tournament: A competitive event where players battle against one another in a structured format to win prizes and recognition.


  • Victory: The achievement of winning a battle, match, or tournament within the game.

This glossary serves as a foundational guide to understanding the key terms and concepts related to Axie Infinity's Season 7 Postseason and the anticipation surrounding the road to Season 8. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the universe of Lunacia, this glossary aims to enhance your comprehension and enjoyment of the game.

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